25. With Mary your mother

Always be a little child with your heavenly Mother.  Often when a child grows up, the mother retires into the background and suffers silently from her solitude because the child is ashamed to need her any more, and it is only in moments of great suffering and at the hour of death that he calls for her help.  We are always very little in the face of suffering and death.

Never be grown up with our Lady.  Let her show you her motherly tenderness.  Ask her to teach you the secrets of her love for the Lord, a love that always knew the right time and the right way.  Ask her to teach you to remain humbly the “servant of the Lord.”  As a woman you must know how to give yourself fully in self-effacement and self-forgetfulness.

It is to her that I have entrusted all the Little Sisters of Jesus, for it is only normal to confide what you hold dearest to the person you love and trust the most.

Our Lady of the whole worldOur Lady of the whole world

It is to her, Mediatrix of all graces, that I entrust you as well, asking her to give you her little infant Jesus so that he may always stay with you.  Then you may carry him throughout the world with his message of humble and trusting self-surrender, of simplicity and poverty, of gentleness and peace, of joy and love – a universal love reaching across all divisions of nation and race and breaking down the barriers of class, so that there may reign among men: Unity in the Love of the Lord.

Do you want to receive this message which contains all the essentials of the message of Brother Charles of Jesus and all the essentials of the spirit of the Fraternity of the Little Sisters of Jesus?

If so, this will be the sign by which you will recognize whether the Lord Jesus is calling you to become his Little Sister, following after Brother Charles of Jesus.

Little Sister Magdeleine of Jesus
September  1945