A Life that went beyond all Borders

The human person is limited and is always in search of a means to overcome borders in his life. And by that very fact he or she is in search of God. If God is the Transcendent One who surpasses all limits, then borders are privileged places for meeting Him. Therefore they are not just an obstacle in our way but - as the theologian Paul Tillich says :

 1979 Peking with a ticket inspector 1979 Peking with a ticket inspector

'the true place that yields the fruit of knowledge.'

They can be transformed into a sacred place where human beings find themselves, meet others in a very particular way and finally meet God. Frontier country is not a peripheral area but a breach, a place where people live and suffer, fall and rise, where the lame and the paralysed, the beggars and the poor, that is to say, those for whom the Gospel is proclaimed can live.

For them Little Sister Magdeleine lived her life near borders and beyond all borders.