A Life that went beyond all Borders

As a child she also learned about the borders that exists between social classes. Since her parents could not pay her tuition, the Religious of the Sacred Heart accepted her free of charge in their school. There she mostly met children from well-to-do families and she got to know the separation that exists between classes. Here is how she described the experience in a letter:

'I had become aware of all the misunderstanding that exists between social classes, the hatred between nations, the contempt between races... All that caused me cruel suffering. And it is because of the suffering the Lord put in my heart over all that is separation, barrier, division... that I was impelled, right from the first days of the foundation, to set before your eyes this goal of unity which has become the essence of our mission in the world.'

Another painful experience of borders during her childhood: the separation of Church and State forcing religious communities to close their schools. The Sisters therefore offered to send their students to schools in Spain or in Italy. This was particularly painful for Magdeleine who so loved her family. She fell so seriously ill that her father had to bring her back in France.

1909 Dax with Marie1909 Dax with Marie