A Life that went beyond all Borders

 1946  Zenith Light bulb factory in Aix en Provence 1946 Zenith Light bulb factory in Aix en Provence

Borders in the Church

Within the Church, Little Sister Magdeleine came up against two borders. One was that which separated the spiritual life of priests and religious from people in the street and in factories. The other was the opposition of Rome and certain religious congregations to her new ideal - especially when it came to the first foundation of a worker fraternity. In the beginning this was not understood, because contemplatives were then submitted to strict rules of enclosure and Little Sisters were expected to live in the same way.

Little Sister Magdeleine, on the other hand, dreamed of a simple life...

'completely mixed in with everyone, without barriers and strict cloister'.

'Why, because we are religious, should we close our heart more rather than open it up more?'