Part of our History, Kostomloty

Our parish in the Oriental RiteOur parish in the Oriental Rite

Kostomloty is situated on the eastern side of Poland and the whole village belongs to the Slavonic Oriental Rite.

Our community chapelOur community chapel The village communityThe village community Liturgy using old SlavonicLiturgy using old Slavonic

The Little sisters take part every day in the sung liturgy at the Church and in all the traditional celebrations in the village. It takes time to master the Slavonic but for the Little sisters it is a question of love!

Our houseOur house Our chapel in the Oriental riteOur chapel in the Oriental rite

The Little sisters who live there have chosen to belong in every way to this minority group of Christians and go on discovering the wealth of their culture and traditions.

This region is among the poorest in the country and many work in the fields for wealthy farmers. On their own small allotments they are not able to make a living and the young people leave home for the towns or to go abroad. Only the poorest remain in the village.

The Little sisters try to work on the land as much as possible with the other villagers.

Community timeCommunity time