Eucharist and Reconciliation

Praying for all people without exception

The contemplation of Christ present in his brothers and sisters is for me the very heart of the ministry of reconciliation. It is a sharing in the intercession of Jesus for all his brothers and sisters without exception."The Lord lives with us in the Eucharist. His presence invites us to be one with all mankind, with a loving care for those no-one loves. Such care is for us a form of contemplation"

Gigi Re, the Italian priest who animated the Jesus Caritas Fraternity among student priests in Rome for many years, called this "active contemplation". Ian Latham, the English Little Brother of Jesus calls it "Praying as Contact with People". Pat Brady, one of the first members of the Fraternity in Ireland, called it "Being before the Lord with all your people in your heart".

In a July 1909 letter to Louis Massignon Brother Charles speaks of this prayer:

"May Jesus enlighten you, may he give you his Spirit, may he enable you to be and to do, at each moment, what's most pleasing to him; in a word let Him live in you. I ask Him this for you, for everyone. Let's ask together, for every human being, what we ask for ourselves "

In the same year he recommends to all the members of the Jesus-Caritas Union to beg

"The heavenly Father to pour out on all human beings, created by Him, His Holy Spirit, our 'daily bread' and the 'one thing necessary'; the brothers and sisters should put all their heart into this prayer, praying for all people without exception ".