3 - Krakow

First Church in Nowa HutaFirst Church in Nowa Huta

Krakow is famous for its Church in the neighbourhood of Nowa Huta, built in the 50's when the country was still under a communist government and in defiance of the communist project for a society without religion..

Nowa Huta was built up as a socialist model for industrial development employing at its height 40,000 workers. The name Nowa Huta means ultra modern metallurgical industry.

The Little sisters found a flat not far from this vast industrial centre where accomodation was provided for the workers.

In the early days several Little sisters worked in this huge complex.

Our blockOur block In front of our houseIn front of our house Our houseOur house
Barbara at work in a metal factoryBarbara at work in a metal factory Barbara and her companions at workBarbara and her companions at work Teresia Anna at work in a bakeryTeresia Anna at work in a bakery

Little sister Barbara worked for many years in a metal factory and other Little sisters found jobs where they could.