Ikebukuro 'I was in prison and you visited me.'

Light in our darknessLight in our darkness

An international community

At Ikebukuro, we are now a little international community: Japanese, French and Vietnamese. While learning the language, Anna Hue now has a part-time cleaning job, like Clara Choko, in a school and a nurse's home to earn their living. When she has time she also goes to «the village of the dawn, » a village which welcomed refugees from Vietnam 25 years ago. Most of the people who live there have become part of the Japanese society, but some became sick following the traumas of the war and exile. They live in a situation of great suffering and solitude and the little sister is trying to bring them a bit of joy.

Clara Choko and Noelle Helene are getting to know more prisoners through correspondence and by visits to the prison. At the moment there are seven people on 'death row' and several of them have made a wonderful human and religious journey.

On the whole, the prison system which was unchanged for many years is in small ways beginning to soften and to become more human and we can meet friends in the prisons of the province. We are trying also to be close to their families. So together let us hope and pray...