Five Little sisters living in BethlehemFive Little sisters living in Bethlehem

Eva Maria arrived only recently in Bethlehem. Scenes of violence and agression make her sad.

'Then I see the joy in the eyes of the children when they are able to say a few words in a foreign language. I am fascinated by their joy to be alive. Their smiles give me the trust that another world exists.

Our chapel in the melkite riteOur chapel in the melkite rite

I see the beauty of the gentle hills, covered with olive trees, the clear sky and the colours of the evening sun. I am in harmony with the earth and energized. I believe that peace and justice do exist.

I read my Bible and I see that thousands of years have prepared the coming of the little child whose name is Jesus. I am full of gratitude and hope. Here, in the town which shelters the memory of his birth, I want to trust in the Kingdom which he announced to us!'

One of us is working in a home for the aged and sickOne of us is working in a home for the aged and sick

Maria Ae Soun

I work in a day-care center which brings together each day 70 children aged frrom 2 to 6. 40 of them heave been abandoned by their parents.

I spend the whole morning with 20 two year old children; most of them are orphans, others have family problems. Their emotional needs make me feel helpless.

Young Palestinian women also come and we try through physical exercises, games, theatre, songs and dances, to make them more comfortable with their bodies and to express themselves. We try and help them develop their attention and their memory, and we teach them social skills: (the respect of the 'other and the law of the group). I have to be very attentive and creative too. I can put to good use the artistic talents that the Lord gave me. It is a joy to give and it is also a joy to receive from each child. Each one has a wonderful smile and each one is in themselves an extraordinary mystery which I discover little by little. They observe, they walk, they talk, they discover, they think, they search. I am in awe. They are a source of hope for me.

Our little workshop next to the Basilica of the NativityOur little workshop next to the Basilica of the Nativity