4th Station, Jesus meets his mother.

Mary’s destiny as the mother of the Saviour finds at this moment its fulfilment. Despite all her love and faith, she could never embrace the mystery of his Being, he who was not only her son but also son of God. And now that separation, that solitude was ending in the fearful tragedy of his death, the death of a slave. But Mary is there. Her faith is undiminished and strong, strong with a love stronger than death. Now their eyes meet. In his own solitude, the immence and infinite solitude of his task of Redemption, where not one of his disciples could follow or even understand, there is still a presence, the presence of his mother. Closer to him than ever, though she is present with all her motherly tenderness, she too must remain behind for ‘where I am going, you cannot  follow me.’ Jesus now becomes through his Passion, the possession of every person, every sinner, of each and all of us.

We too have to realise that in the measure our lives come to share in the Saviour’s mission, they too will be marked by solitude, because like him we will belong more and more to all and we will have nothing to claim for ourselves. Our hearts united with his, will be consacrated, handed over, open and available.