What good can come from Noordgesig?

Nadine and a neighbourNadine and a neighbour

"From Nazareth? What good can come from Nazareth?"

Many people would say: "Noordgesig? What good can come from Noordgesig?" Let me just speak a bit about it.

It has nothing to attract tourists unlike some areas deeper in Soweto. It is classified as sub-economic, but I love this place, not because of the place itself but because of its people. It's like a village. There are a lot of old people who unfortunately are lonely. I go and visit them and most of them tell me: "you are the only one who come and visit me ".

A sister who died recently in France and lived on a busy estate in Toulouse wrote: "Problems are not missing in our area, but in the midst of that difficult life, real treasures are hidden. I love to look for them. I am sure that the smallest act of love is more powerful than war, only love will last for ever said St Paul. When I find those treasures, I gather them preciously, then I sit to look at them with the Lord and then great is my joy!"

Yes, problems are not missing: alcohol, drugs, unemployment which is on the increase. The drug problem is a real plague, but some people are trying their best to fight it, it is not easy.

But the treasures are also not missing. In August, I fell and broke my hip. It was just during the hospital strike, it was quite a hassle and I almost died. While I was in hospital many people came to the fraternity to pray for me, or to ask for news. Miriam Antonia said that the phone never stopped ringing. Some came to visit me in hospital, others sent flowers or messages. It really touched me deeply. Afterwards some people told me: '"In our church (not catholic) we prayed for you every Sunday". A lady looking at me walking in the street exclaimed: "It's a miracle! God is great! You can walk!"

Noordesig Orlando fetching waterNoordesig Orlando fetching water

There are no real shops in our area. Just opposite us, there is a little tiny shop. We became real friends with the owners who are always ready to help us. We go to the market with them whenever we need vegetables for the crèche where Myriam works and they deliver them free of charge.

Just before Christmas, we invited some little children from our street for a party. About 25 of them came. They were so happy and yet there was nothing extraordinary, but for them, to be invited and to get a few sweets, it was a real treat. A little boy exclaimed: "This is a real party!"

Our garden is quite beautiful. A few people have nice gardens, unfortunately, not many. Our next door neighbour told us: "When I see your garden, it encourages me to keep my yard nice and tidy".

Of course the biggest treasure for us is the twins who are now 3 and, they are talking. They go to the pre-school where Miriam is working. Every day, coming back from school, they go and inspect the garden and discover how the green beans and the aubergines grow!

We live nothing extraordinary, it is just ordinary life and I am sure many of you could say: "It's just like that here".  I am absolutely sure that the Lord looks at our people with a smile, he who lived at Nazareth.