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14th May 2009

A Cry for Peace

The Little sisters of Nazareth write:

'The smiling Pope, showed great attention to the words that were addressed to him by the local bishops. He also welcomed with simplicity the enthusiasm of the people surrounding him. He reminded us of the importance of dialogue and of collaboration between the Christian and Moslem communities, the indispensable role of women in the "human ecology" and he encouraged us to keep confidence in the triumph of goodness and truth.

At Nazareth, the amphitheatre will remain as a meeting place, the five open roads will allow better communication and the planted flowers make the town more welcoming. What remains in the hearts of Christians is the certainty of being confirmed in their own Faith, Hope to seek how to go farther, and the Joy of having been able to gather together to bear witness to Jesus, with Pope Benedict who came to visit them.

We are witnesses to the fact that this May 14th 2009 has been a beautiful celebration and that the day is not over.

May the solution of two states become a reality... May peace spread outside from these countries, that they may serve as 'a light to the nations'.

We end with the words spoken by the Holy Father at the time of his departure:

'I came to visit-the country as a friend of the Israelites, as well as I am a friend of the Palestinian people. Friends like to spend time in the company of the other, and they find very distressing to see the other one suffer. No friend of the Israelites and Palestinians cannot but be saddened by the continual tensions between your two peoples. No friend cannot but cry in front of the suffering, the lives lost, which those two peoples have endured during the last six decades.

Allow me to appeal to all the people of these countries: No more blood shed! No more fights! No more terrorism! No more war! Rather let us break the vicious circle of violence. May a lasting peace happen, founded upon justice, may a reconciliation and an authentic healing happen...'