Part of our History. Croatia, Karlovak: There are sisters living in our block!

Karlovac youthKarlovac youth It is so wonderful to be at the beginning of a new community! Karlovak is about 40 miles from Zagreb so we are quite close to our sisters there. It is called the town of the four rivers. It is a meeting place where the waters come together from different sources. It is a symbol of what we want to live!

In our neighbourhood there are about 1200 residents. It is an old Communist era building and we have a flat on the 6th floor. It is a very lively place to be!

Even after such a short time here we feel at home. We feel it is very meaningful to be here. We heard so much about the the high numbers of people without work but now we are faced with the problem ourselves. Each of us in turn spent a lot of time job hunting and so far all we have found is a few hours of cleaning and looking after children a few hours each week.. Finding work will be our main problem. Blazenka is dreaming of a full time job, but we remind ourselves that in Croatia there are 360,000 people without work out of a population of 4 million.

It is the first time in Croatia that as Little sisters we live in a Government building. In the context of the Church here it is something very new to have sisters in this type of accomodation. Our neighbours and friends are very surprised but very happy especially when they hear that one room is reserved for a little chapel with the presence of the Blessed Sacrament.

Because of these difficulties in finding work we decided to work from home making candles decorated with dried flowers. We also made cards and other small items that we could sell at the Christmas fair organized by the Town Hall.

It was a good way to make a bit of needed money but also a wonderful occasion to meet people from the town. And now we have decided to continue with our craft making while we go on looking for work.

Sonja making potterySonja making pottery