Hidden Jerusalem

Helene Odile writes from the Old City of Jerusalem:

I have been working for 20 years in a clinic of the Old City and for 11 years in a little Orthodox activity center for elderly people. At present, I continue to work in that center as a volunteer, without a salary. I work a little less and I am more free to take a day off if there is a need.

I do many home visits, about 10 every day. There are so many stairs that the people cannot go out and most of their children have emigrated. I have a list of people mostly elderly and lonely women.

I am very much expected and sometimes I am the only person who visits them during the week. I check their blood pressure, their sugar level, but it is mostly just to have a visit which is important for them. To be listened to, to be loved, is what counts most. In the last few years, many went to the Lord and not always the oldest. I am also going to the retirement home where one of our Little sisters is living and I meet up with many old acquaintances from the Old City.

What to say more? I just love this work even though it is tiring and I am grateful for all God gives us each day.