Part of our History: Celebrating the Centenary of the rebirth of the Albanian Nation

February 2013 Albania basketAlbania basket

The presence of the Little Sisters in the midst of the Albanian people dates back to 1969, in Southern Italy, among the Arbereches population (Italo-Albanian). It then continued for 20 years in Kosovo, and finally, after the opening of the borders in 1991, in Albania. For the moment, we are the only European community of little sisters in a country where more than half of the population is Muslim. It's the only country in the world which called itself Atheistic when the borders opened. Missionaries came of all ages and from all continents. The Albanians are a people little known and badly known, though their history goes back to the distant past. They are a people belonging to different religions (Catholic, Muslim, Orthodox and Evangelical Protestants), living HARMONIOUSLY together.

We are aware of the priorities expressed by the 2011 General Chapter: Presence among Muslims - Presence to minority groups.

We are convinced that UNITY remains the foundation of our charism.

But, realistically, considering our age...we invite you to come to Albania so our Community of Little Sisters can continue, to answer the call at a time when our charism raises interest among priests and young people.