Little sisters of Jesus in Iraq: Hope in God

Arabic MaryArabic Mary

Is it trust and confidence in God alone? Here are some thoughts following the recent events in Mosul.

I ask the Lord to keep the flame of my hope in God alive. It is a hope that the failure to bring about an immediate and viable future cannot take away even when in our dear country of Iraq we have endured this failure for so many years.

On Friday 18th July, in less than 24 hours nearly 200 Christian families left Mosul when the town, my dear town, was taken over and that for the first time in its history, a history which begins well before the arrival of the Moslems. Over half of these families had their cars, their money and all they possessed taken from them as well as their homes, which in the space of a few minutes became the property of the Islamic State.

I hear the words of consolation from those who express their solidarity with their brothers and sisters who are suffering, with those who are discouraged and have given up all hope, words of consolation and words recalling the glory of Mosul as we have known it, a place where we could live happily together with all our brothers and sisters, our neighbours, our Moslem friends, those who suffer with us and for us, waiting maybe for a break through and coming to terms with their own suffering in relation to what has happened to us.

Many questions can be asked. Every human being, whatever their religion hopes in life, hopes for a better life, hopes for a future, but as Christians what hope can we have for the future? Do we hope that this future will be a return to the past? We know and it is Jesus who told us that whoever puts his hand to the plough and looks back is not worthy of the kingdom of God. That is why I ask God to keep the flame of hope that is trust and confidence in God alive in me and that this flame may not be extinguished by the failure to see a viable future for my dear country of Iraq.

For me true trust and hope consists in the conviction that God keeps the promise he has made to us, a promise of a better life, for a life-giving future, a promise we cannot begin to imagine, foresee or understand with our human calculations. Hope in God keeps the flame of faith alive in me and I remain confident that the Lord is with us, that he suffers with us and that her is present in all that we live today.

Hope is God keeps me awake and attentive to his love and the love given to us by our brothers and sisters, love that we ourselves can offer to all whom we meet, of every religion and community.

Pray with me that we keep the flame of our hope in God alive within us.

Little sister Afnan of Jesus