1-Charles de Foucauld: 'I lost my heart to Jesus of Nazareth'

Holy Family at Nazareth by Brother CharlesHoly Family at Nazareth by Brother Charles     I was invited to speak about “Nazareth”. Of course this is a central theme in the spirituality of Charles de Foucauld: like Brother Charles we were all seduced by the “human face of God at Nazareth” as Emmanuel Asi says. So I guess that nothing new will come out, but it is always important to come back to the source and drink fresh water.
     My presentation will have 3 points:
- first: to look at how Charles de Foucauld’s conception of Nazareth evolved;
- second: to go through the Gospel and see what that means for Jesus to be a man of Nazareth;
- third: some fundamental attitudes to enter into the dynamic of Nazareth.