Pope Francis for the Centenary of the death of Blessed Brother Charles 2016

The Holy Father unites with all the members and followers of Blessed Charles' spirituality through God's grace. The Holy Father hopes that all will follow the example of Blessed Charles who lived a quiet life influencing those around him in their ordinary and daily lives. Blessed Charles' Christ like example of desiring to be a "universal brother", revealed the importance of being close to the poor and abandoned, demonstrates the worth and dignity of humanity. "Each Christian must see others as a well beloved friend". In essence, for Blessed Charles, in loving others, one learns to love God. May the witness of Brother Charles of Jesus in his humble and hidden life, given over to the service of others, encourage young people to discern the call of God and respond with joy in leaving all to follow God, free of the desire to be rich and powerful. Trusting in Blessed Charles' intercession during this Jubilee Year of Mercy, peace and reconciliation among the peoples, the Holy Father gives His apostolic blessing to all those who follow Blessed Charles' spirituality and may they be blessed with his radiance.