Ada shares about her search for simplicity

January 2018
I do not belong to any particular Church at the moment but I am searching. I feel attracted to the Catholic Church because I find there the space to discover who I am and learn to love others freely. My search began when I began to feel uneasy among my friends. I felt uneasy about some of the choices they were making and wanted me to be a part of such as going to sessions where Ouija-boards were used to get in touch with those who have died. I no longer enjoyed the same films often depicting a world in the grips of some evil force or presenting the paranormal or events ruled by magic. I am looking for simplicity. I find this simplicity and truth in the Gospels, in the way Jesus relates to others who come to him in trust. He helps each one to become their true self. He gives value to every aspect of our existences showing us how to be open to new life. I see Jesus wants me to be alive and free. I am certain I am on the right path now. Please pray for me.