Lula and Marge reflect on sharing bread

March 2018
It is really a huge joy for me to come and share a meal with you, just to sit round the table and share not only food but also our thoughts and reflections about the world around us. I feel I belong to a family, a human family where we are all interrelated.
I want to try to be coherent in my life-style, to live simply respecting everything that God has created, finding the imprint of God in all his creation. If we live simply and share there is more chance of everyone having enough. The life of a Little sisters interests me for this reason.

Such little things can make all the difference in life. Sitting round a table and eating together, sharing and laughing make me feel as a human being, part of a human family. In the Gospel you often find Jesus at table… he shares and breaks bread. He sits with sinners and washes our feet. He is also the bread of Life. He is life. I am searching for a new path in my life. Thinking and praying with Jesus who is the bread of life is a whole programme for me.