Liverpool, Covid and 'Let us dream'

Here is a first reply in response to the invitation to deepen our spirituality of Bethlehem and Nazareth during lockdown, quoting Pope Francis. Taken from his recent book 'Let us dream'.

"Millions of people have asked themselves and each other where they might find God in this crisis. What comes to my mind is the overflow. I'm thinking of great rivers that gently swell, so gradually that you hardly notice them, but then the moment comes, and they burst their banks and pour forth. In our society, God's mercy breaks out at such "overflow moments": bursting out, breaking the traditional confines that have kept so many people from what they deserve, shaking up our roles and our thinking. The overflow is to be found in the suffering that this crisis brings. I see an ocean of mercy spilling out in our midst. Hearts have been tested. The crisis has called forth in some a new courage and compassion. Some have been sifted and have responded with the desire to reimagine our world; others have come to the aid of those in need in concrete ways that can transform our neighbour's suffering. That fills me with hope that we might come out of this crisis better. But we have to see clearly, choose well, and act right. Let's talk about how. Let's allow God's words to Isaiah to speak to us: come, let us talk this over. Let us dare to dream.”