Catharine, Covid and Chrysalis's

Here in our Community flat in Hackney during this lockdown, I feel so privileged to be able to pray in our little chapel. Yes, I am in lockdown with Jesus! We are locked in together!
Charles, who was also alone, often spoke of living in the company of the Holy Family, living with Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Here in my Nazareth in the Tower block, I experience their presence, as well as that of my guardian angel. Yes, it is quite crowded here!

When I have time, I am enjoying working on the history of our Region and illustrating it using Power Point. I look back with gratitude on all that has been lived over so many years, the choices that were made to flesh out a way of life prioritizing friendship with those often on the fringes. I recall all the faces, all the names, all the stories.
I am also thankful for the confident friendship of so many friends, a friendship that is mutual and mutually supportive.
chrysalischrysalis I find the bonds between us are growing deeper. When we speak together, we speak from the heart, from our real need for each other. I am witness to a whole network of contacts toing and froing between us and of faithful caring that takes the form of a phone call or sending a picture or sharing a funny video clip... Nothing is irrelevant!
I have more time to be present and bring to Jesus the cries from our world especially those that can only be heard in silence and do not hit the news.
I can also bring to Jesus myself just as I am with so many limitations, without any pretences, knowing and trusting in his immeasurable Love and Joy.
I appreciate our Gospel sharing on Zoom, meeting up with friends from different parts of the UK. It seems to me that not only has the quality of our friendship grown but also for me personally it has stimulated my faith and my prayer.
moth cocoonmoth cocoonI enjoy too our Regional meetings on Zoom, often prepared beforehand by mini zoom meetings among a small group of us living on our own so that our contribution has had time to mature and be better articulated.
I see I live with a new intensity every casual encounter, in the lift or on the corridor or on the road. Each encounter brings a new dimension of care, of interest, of situating the other in their story. It is not a question of doing something necessarily but of remembering, caring and inviting Jesus to be a companion on our journey together. It is as if the limitations of the lockdown bring a new quality to the way of relating to the other.
As I have said, I do not feel I am alone. I talk to and consult the Holy Family and my Guardian Angel, in even the smallest daily tasks. Joseph is so good at finding things that I just cannot put my hand on! I feel their presence is so true.

God is with us and the future is completely in his hands. I see, although I do not always succeed in living my conviction, that there is no point hanging on to anything as nothing will ever be the same again. I need to let go to hear what God is saying and to allow him to fashion the future as he sees fit. I feel called to try and live in this freedom.
I have been so encouraged by Pope Francis. The sun is there and will break through the darkness. Crisis can open up our vision to a new way of belonging, to a deeper awareness of what it means to be a family.
Love is the prime mover towards God’s truth. Love can enable us to grow and become one family. Yes, it is a time for germination in the dark. One day the chrysalis will crack it’s cocoon and a butterfly will spread its wings in freedom. So let us just plod on!

Peacock butterflyPeacock butterfly