6 - Pewel Mala

A wonderful place to meet togetherA wonderful place to meet togetherEveryone gives a hand!Everyone gives a hand!
Young and older are happy together!Young and older are happy together!

The Community in Pewel Mala is in the mountains. Little sisters come from all over Eastern Europe for longer times of prayer and for days or weekends of retreat. Often too the Little sisters plan conferences on the Bible or Spirituality. The whole community is geared towards this welcome for prayer which is at the heart of the vocation of the Little sisters.

A day of desert in the mountainsA day of desert in the mountains

They also have a hermitage in a very quiet spot to be able to spend times alone with God.

Often young people and friends join us on retreatOften young people and friends join us on retreat

The sisters are not able to take outside jobs but make pottery and stick icons on wood.