Part of our History: Circus Zalewski

By Anna Edyta

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The Little sisters in Poland spent several seasons with the Circus Zalewski and hope to return one day!

The workers were from very many different countries; Ukraine, Belorussia, Azerbaijan, Mongolia, Russia and Poland.

The team of workers changed often whereas the artists were stable.

The workers were mainly Belorussian. They worked at putting up the big top and were also drivers.

There were also families with us; a husband and wife with their daughter worked with little dogs, two families from Azerbaijan performed acrobatic Rock and Roll. There was also a lady cook and her husband, a driver, dealt with all the difficult situations! In summer, many women joined their husbands and brought along their children. The circus square became very lively. It was on eye opener for me that life on the road did not necessarily mean the breakdown of family life.

We too worked according to our possibilities. Alina with a co-worker sold tickets. With Justiyna, I worked selling snacks from the café trailor. During the show we sold sweets, drinks and souvenirs.

At the buffetAt the buffet
Making one communityMaking one community
Alina and the elephantAlina and the elephant

Little sister Alina Teresia writes:

'Our season with the Zalewski’s Circus lasted for ten months Usually on weekends we went to some important town and then during the week we moved each day. Often the towns were about forty to fifty miles apart so in all we stopped in about 200 towns.

We lived in a circus caravan just like all the other workers and artists.

Every day we would go to mass, guessing it would be at 7am and usually it was!

The show was at the end of the day at 6pm. It had taken a whole day to prepare with every one giving their best.

Now came the highlight of the day with each of us in full dress!

When children and adults left the big top so happy after the show, I thought it was well worth while working so hard the whole day.

I often heard parents who came to buy tickets say: ’I would like my children to have a really good time,’ When I saw their faces after the show I knew that both parents and children had loved every minute and were going home uplifted!'