Little Sisters of Jesus in Asia

The Little sisters in Israel, Small steps towards peace

Myriam Elizabeth writes about an initiative she and Alessandra took part in inspired by Zen Bouddism.
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Photo Album: Little sisters of Jesus, Japan

Photographs of the Little Sisters of Jesus and their friends in Japan  read more »

Little Sisters of Jesus in Japan, 'To live together'

Please pray for the people of Japan at this time...

In the fishing village of Wakkanai


A sharing about life today in Wakannai, facing the Russian islands of Sakhalin.  read more »

Ikebukuro 'I was in prison and you visited me.'

Three Little sisters share about the contacts and friendships they have built up with prisoners, several of whom are on death row.  read more »

A younger Little sister writes from Miyadera

The central house of the Little sisters is on the outskirts of Tokyo, where they can welcome new arrivals and have a bit more space for gatherings. A young sister describes what she lives.  read more »

Kyoto, our neighbourhood of Mukajima

In Kyoto, the Little sisters live on the fringes of the city and want to bring a touch of joy and hope to the lives of those marginalized by society.  read more »