Nazareth weekend with Little Brother Marc

However, there are also a certain number of fundamental attitudes that allow us to enter into this dynamic of Nazareth.

1- The first attitude is, perhaps, that we are among the ‘little ones’ in order to learn in their school.13. I like to place in parallel an extract from our Constitutions

“The brothers live among people, not to become shepherds or guides, but simply to be their brothers”
and a passage from the Gospel:
“You, however, must not allow yourselves to be called ‘Rabbi’ since you have only one Master and you are all brothers and sisters” (Matthew 23:8).
For me it is very significant that the word ‘brother’ is associated in this text from the Gospel not with the Father,14, but with the master, the teacher. It is as if it puts a finger on one of our great temptations, that of always wanting to teach others without wanting to learn from them!... Wanting to be among people “simply to be their brothers (and sisters)” invites us to enter into a different attitude: we are brothers and sisters of the ‘little ones’ if we journey together by sharing our lights. This is both the hope for and the realisation of the promised new covenant:
“In their minds I shall plant my laws, writing them in their hearts... There will no be further need for each to teach his neighbour and each his brother or his sister, saying ‘Learn to know the Lord’. No, they will all know me from the least to the greatest” (Hebrews 8:10f, quoting Jeremiah 31:33).
In order to enter into a relationship of true fraternity, it is not enough, in fact, even though it is a primary precondition, to “become of the country” – as Charles de Foucauld wrote – by being “so approachable, so very small” that the other can dare to ask me for anything...  That the other can regard me as a brother or a sister is not enough if I do not change my view of him. As a human person and child of God, she (he) is also worked by the Spirit and tries to respond to what appears to her (him) as the good, with the lights available to her (him), from day to day. From her or his fidelity, groping like mine, I can also learn and, thanks to her or him, I will grow if I accept putting myself in her (his) school. Only then will we truly journey together ... as brothers and sisters.