Nazareth weekend with Little Brother Marc


We French are not very good with inclusive language, I am sorry about that. But I can assure you that when I say “sister” or “women” or “she” or “her” it includes all the “brothers”, “men”, “he” and “him”!…

Some times I will speak “as a Little Brother of Jesus” and from our situations and commitment but you will be able to translate to your own situations.

1 Letter to Gabriel Tourdes, 07/03/1902.

2 Letter to Henri de Castries, 14/08/1901.

3 Letter to Louis de Foucauld, 12/04/1897

4 Letter to Marie de Bondy, 10/04/1895

5 “It is painful to be on good terms with the cutthroats who killed our brothers”.  Letter to Marie de Bondy, 24/06/96

6 Letter to Mgr. Caron, 09/04/1905

7 Beni-Abbes Notebook, 26/05/1904

8 Tamanrasset Notebook, 22/07/1905

9 Letter de Henry de Castries, 08/01/1913

10 Letter to Father Voillard, 11/06/1916

11 See for instance the Handbook of the lay fraternities of Charles de Foucauld page 35, §D, 4th line…

12 The letter to the Hebrews names Jesus “High Priest”; but it is remarkable that to do so, it has to “empty” the word “High Priest” of its usual meaning: in the First Testament, to signify that the High Priest was “in the world of God”, he had to be different and separated from the rest of the people (special dress, special meals, etc.); Jesus at the contrary is called High Priest because of his proximity and likeness to the people, and that proximity to his ‘brothers and sisters’ introduces him in “the world of God”…

13 “They first listen to what lies deep in the hearts of their friends, and to the richness of the people among whom they live, by placing themselves in the school of the poor who are the treasure of the Church.” Constitutions of the LBJ C 95 II.  In a very significant way, this passage is found in the chapter about our mission in the Church.

14 This verse is often quoted as “You are all brothers and sisters because you have only one Father”; that is true, of course, but it is not what the Gospel says!  And it is important to stay close to the text...

15 “We should try to become impregnated with the spirit of Jesus by reading and re-reading, meditating and re-meditating constantly on his words and his example: so that they may act in our souls like a drop of water that falls and falls again on a slab, always on the same place...” Charles de Foucauld, Letter to Louis Massignon, 22/07/1914. “Let us return to the Gospel. If we do not live the Gospel, Jesus does not live in us” Charles de Foucauld, Letter to Mgr Caron, 30/06/1909.

16 Same meaning for the sentence on the lamp: “No one lights a lamp to cover it with a bowl or to put it under a bed. No, it is put on a lamp-stand so that people may have light when they come in” (Luke 8:16). There is colour in the world, it is God who has put it there and people who have woven it. It is necessary to have light so that people can see the colours of the world.  We are not the light, just the lamp. What is interesting is the world seen thanks to the light. The lamp is just a help.