Living in the Covid Pandemic in Ireland by Con

Living in the Covid pandemic lockdown in Ireland, one learns to appreciate one's health, to be grateful not to be lying in bed, in an ICU

Yes it's been an eye opener……..

What I miss

• meeting people for breakfast Saturday mornings in a café

• being in solidarity with non-Irish nationals working on the front line, in the meat plants, being willing to listen

• being in solidarity with people from, the Roma community, as they wait in line, at soup kitchens

Then comes spiritual reflection, being able to be with ourselves, alone, reflecting on the words of the Gospel….

People are anxious, worried about members of their families, not being able to visit, just waving to their loved ones, as they are behind doors.

We have to have positive thinking, taking care of our health, minds, keeping spirits up.

Other concerns:

• how we speak about the elderly
• anxious time for youth who have become homeless
• people sleeping in tents, cars, accommodation for people who are homeless

We have to continue to say, that people do recover, from Covid related illnesses, then we enter into solidarity with people from South Africa, Brazil, Palestine.

HOPE HOPE HOPE, instead of isolation and fear. Be calm and reach out. Breathe.