5. Call to the lowest place

Are you really aware that to be a true follower of Brother Charles of Jesus, you must be a living witness of his thought and of his desire to be totally poor, humble and lowly? Like Brother Charles of Jesus, you will have to live as the poor do and among the poor, in line with the Gospel.

Prior Velho, PortugalPrior Velho, Portugal

You will have to be very true and honest about this, because those who see you will think of Brother Charles. Sometimes you will be surrounded with his popularity and the love that his friends had for him. It would not be right for you to bear his name or to to be called his daughter if you disappointed them by living poverty and humility in another way than his. To fail to live this form of poverty is to betray his thought. You have only to refer to his writings:

'My Lord Jesus, how quickly someone will become poor who, loving you with all his heart, cannot accept to be richer than his Beloved... How quickly he will become poor who accepts with faith your words, "If you wish to be perfect, go and sell what you own and give the money to the poor... Blessed are the poor, for whoever has left his possessions for me will be repaid a hundred times over now in this present time and, in the world to come, eternal life...'
'My God, I do not know how it is possible for some people to see you in poverty and for them to remain voluntarily rich. As for myself I could not imagine love without a longing, a compelling longing to imitate, to resemble the Beloved...'
'Our love can be measured by how closely we imitate the one we love.'
'To be rich, to live in comfort among my possessions while you were poor, deprived, living in misery under the burden of heavy labour - I just could not do it, O God, I could not love like that.'
'I must always seek the very lowest place, so as to be as little as my Master, so as to be with him, to walk behind him step by step, arranging my life so as to be the least of all, the most despised of men... To embrace poverty, abjection and suffering.'
'Set up home as did Jesus at Nazareth, obscurely, poorly, humbly, as a hard working labourer. Imitate as closely as possible the humble and hidden existence of the Divine Workman of Nazareth, living only from the work of his hands.'
'Let us always keep before our eyes Jesus, the one and only Model, the Carpenter, the Son of Mary, remembering that any material possessions over and above what he had would only show how different we are from him, how different our desires are from his own.'
'Let us empty our hearts of the love of material things, by interior poverty, by the complete emptying of the soul which must be detached from all that is not God and Jesus, using material things only for the love of God and in obedience to God, according to his Will, always ready to have less rather than more, to suffer want rather than to lack nothing so as to be more like him who did not even have a stone upon which to lay his head and for whose garments lots were drawn.'
'Not to be concerned over health or life any more than the tree is concerned over a leaf that falls.'

Do you want to live this total poverty for love of Jesus? Like Brother Charles of Jesus, do you really want to be the least considered, do you want to love like this?