Photo Album: Little sisters of Jesus, Argentina

Photographs of the Little Sisters of Jesus and their friends in Argentina  read more »

Immersed into one's own life as well as into the life of God

The Fraternity in Argentina (at San Justo) is more than 40 years old. The fraternity of Uribelarrea is much more recent. It was founded around ten years ago, about 100 km from Buenos Aires in an area that is in the midst of the pampas. And in connection with this fraternity, the noviciate of Zapiola has been opened.  read more »

Working for change among the Mapuche

Little sisters Bernardita and Maria Carolina share some of the topics that were discussed during a meeting with the indigenous people of Argentina in view of sharing some of their skills and being self sufficient.  read more »

Part of our history: Ruca Choroi

This little community in the Cordillera of the Andes among the Mapuche share how they live inter-religious dialogue every day in its simplest form.  read more »