Photo Album: Little sisters of Jesus, France

Photographs of the Little Sisters of Jesus and their friends in France  read more »

Photo Album: Little sisters of Jesus, France among Travelling people

Photographs of the Little Sisters of Jesus and their travelling friends in France  read more »

We the Ordinary People of the Streets

An extract from Madeleine Delbrêl's book, explaining the Nazareth life as she lived it in the suburbs of Paris  read more »

Antoine Chatelard: All is Grace

The last letter of Br Antoine Chatelard - giving details of his new book, which will be published posthumously to coincide with the canonisation of Br Charles  read more »

News from Jo in Rome to her traveler friends around the world

News from Little sister Jo who runs the English secretariat in Rome to her ‘traveler’ friends around the world.  read more »

"You have some new messages"

After his twelve years of service to the General Fraternity, Marc has gone back to Lille where he lived before that. He is in fraternity with a group of four young brothers who are studying theology. Last November, Marc found a job. Here he describes his first impressions and his first encounters. What does one say when God is silent? Invisible but present, He sends us message after message.  read more »

News from Lille

The first fraternity in the north-east of France (in Roubaix) dates from 1951. The one on Lille was founded in 1982 in a neighbourhood with a very large presence of foreigners. mainly Moroccans. For a long time that brothers in Lille have quite often welcomed young men who want to make a stay in a fraternity, as well as foreign brothers who come to France to learn French. Since 2006 it has also been a fraternity for brothers who are students.  read more »

A life focused on the Eucharist

Concarneau is a fishing port in the west of France from where several brother sailors, including Michel, have sailed, mainly in the trawling lanes on the high seas. Several brothers have retired, others have died. Michel is not a priest but throughout his life as a sailor he has been drawn to the Eucharist, the sign of a life given to following Jesus. Reference to the Eucharist occurs often in the text and creates the unity of this testimony.  read more »

Part of our History: A story of friendship in the back streets of Marseille

France MarseilleFrance Marseille

Little Sisters Liliane and Marie-Raymonde closed their community in Marseille, France, last February after many years of presence to the women in the port city's world of prostitution. They both now live in a retirement house in Aix-en-Provence.  read more »