Photo Album: Little sisters of Jesus, Spain

Photographs of the Little Sisters of Jesus and their friends in Spain  read more »

News from the Chapter of the |Little Brothers- second week

Second week 21-27 of march
Dear Brothers,
This has been a crucial and hectic week.

1) We had to debate on themes of importance for the future of the Fraternity


After a lot of sharing and discernment, we selected three themes which need our attention:

1- Unity in Diversity
2- Structures
3- The spirituality of fragility.  read more »

It is God's strength

Ceuta 2018Ceuta 2018An update on the new community in Ceuta, a Spanish territory on the northern Moroccan border.  read more »

Part of our History: A new Community in Ceuta on the African continent.

Ceuta mapCeuta mapNews from Ceuta where four Little sisters have just opened a community in this town where a high wall divides Morocco from Spanish territory.
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Hermanitas, the Little sisters in Spain on YouTube

Korovo Films presenta HERMANAS, un documental que te acercará a la vida de la congregación de las Hermanitas de Jesus.  read more »

Part of our History, Valverde del Fresno, Strawberries and Peaches!

In Valverde picking strawberries!In Valverde picking strawberries!

We live in a little village in the South West of Spain in the Region of Extremadura about 17 Km from Portugal. Village life has been marked by constant emigration to France and Germany and to other more industrialised  towns of  Spain.

About 2500 people now live here and like many of our neighbours we do seasonal work to earn our living.  read more »

Part of our History: Carmen Rebeca's final vows in Malaga, Spain, November 2009

Veronika Myriam shares her reflections and prayer after being present at the Final Vows' ceremony of Carmen Rebeca in Malaga.  read more »

Little Sisters of Jesus in Spain, Murcia, a new start.

Murcia communityMurcia community

The little sisters have closed their Community in Valverde to open a new Community in Murcia. The neighbourhood is called 'little Marrakech'. Their neighbours are from different ethnic groups: latin, african, from the Magreb and a big group from Eastern Europe. Juana is delighted to have found a job not with strawberries this time, but with Melons!  read more »