In the footsteps of Brother Charles

08/01/2008 - 08:13

Journey of a lifetime

Wind patterns in the dunesWind patterns in the dunes Travelling in the footsteps of Blessed Charles gave us a wonderful opportunity to see the places where he had lived and to meet fellow members of his spiritual family who today maintain his humble Christian presence in a Muslim society.

On top of this, our trip was enhanced by contacts, through Fr. Emmanuel, with other members of the local church, among them the Archbishop of Algiers, Mgr. Henri Teissier, the Bishop of the Sahara, Mgr. Claude Rault, whose diocese is four times the size of France, and priests and religious from the Mission de France, the White Fathers and Sisters and the French-based order Charité Maternelle.

Add to this the natural beauty of Algeria - the curling waves of sand, the brilliant green of the oases, the fantastic mountains, the radiance of the night sky - and you have the journey of a lifetime.

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