Frankfurt is a city with 680,000 inhabitants, of about 170 nationalities and with more than 200 languages and cultural traditions. The reality of migration is apparent everywhere. There are very few weeks without intercultural and inter- religious events which contribute to building up a relatively peaceful atmosphere in the city. Frankfurt is considered as one of the most tolerant cities of Germany.

We have had a community in Frankfurt for twenty-two years, in a popular neighbourhood where many immigrant families settled and where there are various possibilities for work: in canteens, in cleaning teams, with the elderly. Those who are retired help where they can at the Service of the wider community. We have lively contacts with Moscow, Jerusalem and Kabul. The arrival last year of  Lina, our oldest sister who is 92, has brought a new dimension to our life. Lina shows us how it is possible to live reconciled with old age and all its weaknesses and limits. She reminds us of how this fourth stage of life can be lived. For her it is a time of deep fidelity and a time of faith.  With her sense of humour she helps us keep community life relaxed.  Anne Rebekka holds on to her job while carrying out her service as Regional Superior. She works as a homemaker for people who live on the street.  This job enables her to be in touch with people who live on the fringes of society. Is it not the heart of our vocation to discover and decipher the light hidden in the lives of the poorest?