We have been able to welcome three postulants recently which has given us new vitality. For the time being we are three again: Margarete Olga who is 75, loves to knit and sew, and  builds up many contacts with our neighbours. For six years, Ulrike, has been working as a nurse's aide in a retirement home for 105 residents close by. The work schedule is often a challenge for community life, because it is not regular and she often has to work on weekends and in the afternoon. But it is really good to be able to work in the neighbourhood itself. After her novitiate Myriam Johanna,  returned to be with us. When she can she works on the website and does translations into German as since February she has been working at the reception desk of the hospital and has discovered a whole new world..  

A few friends from our neighborhood go to the "Silberhoher Mittagstisch", where needy people can have a hot meal for $2.00, twice a week. The atmosphere is very family-like, and many come above all to meet others.We have lived on the street where we are now for five years and have very natural contacts with many neighbours; a few have remained reserved and sometimes we are not at ease with the gang culture. We feel called to pray and to remain open to new opportunities to build up our ties.