Johannesburg, Joubert Park

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Our community house is a pent-house, next to the roof, so we have a wonderful view over the neighbourhood!

Our communityOur community

But what about our daily life? Like anywhere else, it is not easy to find a job. We try to earn a living taking whatever we can get: cleaning, caring for the elderly, doing a bit a handicraft to sell, making pottery cribs or icons or Christmas cards.

Margaret works part-time in the Bible College doing cleaning and one day in a private house but it is also important to have time to be at home to welcome those who visit.

A special concern is people who have come from elsewhere either as economic or political refugees. We meet them at Church, in the hospital or just in the area. We are
struck to see the number of young men coming from different countries of Africa. At the moment we have many contacts with Refugees from the Congo, Nigeria and Zimbabwe.