8. As Leaven in the Dough

Little Sister,

Rwanda ,Working with neighbours in the fieldsRwanda ,Working with neighbours in the fields

Do you understand what it means for a religious to have been called to live poor among the poor, leading an everyday life at the heart of the world, and to live it as “leaven in the dough?

Until now it seemed as if religious life could not be lived in this way, because it was too different from the traditional idea that people have. But because I have been entrusted with founding a new congregation to be called the Little Sisters of Jesus, I who am the least important and the last of all would say to you:

You have only One Model: Jesus Do not look for another.

Like Jesus during his life on earth, make yourself all things to all people an Arab in the midst of Arabs, a nomad among nomads, a worker among working people, but above all be human among your brothers and sisters. Do not think that living among people will hinder your life of union with God. Do not set up barriers between the world and yourself; do not think that as a religious you have a special dignity to safeguard.

Immerse yourself deeply among people by sharing their life, by friendship and by love. Give yourself to them completely,like Jesus who came to serve and not to be served; you, too, become one with them. Then you will be like leaven which must lose itself in the dough to make it rise.