Life in Kaya

Kaya, Noellie's professionKaya, Noellie's profession

In Kaya we feel very much a part of our local community. We want to be there for everyone both in the neighbourhood as at work.

It has also been very important to have found work in the village itself.

Can you spot the Little sister?Can you spot the Little sister? Youth meeting 2014Youth meeting 2014

We also try to be welcoming to young women searching for their vocation. Some like to come to stay with us several days each week just to be with us and share what we do. Many are struck by the simplicity and closeness to those around us. There is always great interest in the handicraft work we do to earn our living.

We confide to you this little grain which is beginning to sprout and our prayer that we may know how to live as fully as possible our role as "elders" called to bury ourselves like the grain of wheat that falls into the ground so that little seed can be born and grow.