Little sister Magdeleine of Jesus, A short biography

Little sister Magdeleine in El Abiodh 1967 with FdillaLittle sister Magdeleine in El Abiodh 1967 with Fdilla

'To cry the Gospel by your whole life means trying to live as Jesus lived, with the Gospel to give you light.

It means living his self surrender as a tiny child in the crib of Bethlehem, his poverty, his very ordinary life in Nazareth, both his contemplation and his active charity on the roads during his public ministry, his surrender to God, his Father, in the pain of the passion and of the cruxifixion.

It means trying to love as he loved, living in the spirit of the beatitudes: in poverty, in gentleness, in a thirst for justice, being merciful, being pure in heart and rejoicing when you suffer persecution out of love for Christ.'

Little sister Magdeleine of Jesus