Little Sister Magdeleine's journey

The whole world

Until 1946 the community was consecrated exclusively to Islamic people, however on the 26th July of that year Little Sister Magdeleine had a clear intuition that the community should extend to the whole world, to become universal.

Foundations multiplied. Bishop Charles de Provencheres, Archbishop of Aix en Provence and titular Ordinary of the Community followed attentively and encouraged both the expansion and the different types of foundations:

Little Sister.Magdeleine’s dreams of her childhood were to become a reality through her Little Sisters:

 1950 El Abiodh Tent community 1950 El Abiodh Tent community
  • To live in Africa in a tent with nomadic peoples.
  • To travel the road with the Rom, the Sinti and other Travelling peoples.
  • To be alongside those suffering from leprosy.
  • To share the conditions of prisoners.
  • 1946 first community working with other factory workers.
  • 1948 In the Middle East the Little Sisters adopt the different Oriental Rites according to the country.
  • 1956 First journey to Eastern Europe

In every community no matter how the Little sisters were housed, Little Sister Magdeleine fought for permission to have the Blessed Sacrament, making the chapel the centre of each house.