Little Sisters of Jesus in Belgium, Front page

In one and the same movement to be present to God and present to Others

A contemplative life at the heart of the world.

Meeting God in prayer and in ordinary life are one: it is there, at the centre of our everyday life that we want to seek for him and join our lives to his.

Every day, in the silence of our hearts and during community prayer, we place ourselves in God's presence. We listen to him, allowing ourselves to be filled with his love and bring to him the lives of all those whose life we share. Our prayer is rooted in life, formed and nourished by the word of God and by the Eucharist.

Ordinary life

Like Jesus during the 30 years of his life in Nazareth, our Communities can be found on housing estates or in a village. It is there that we want to meet him and follow him, attentive to those who are forgotton or marginalized in our society. Reaching out to others in a simple and friendly way, sharing working conditions and what life brings, with its joys and set backs.

Friendship as a road towards unity

Community life

We live joyfully and simply in small Communities. We meet to pray, to share and celebrate life from one day to the next.

Our gift of ourselves and our desire for unity are lived first and foremost within the community. By calling each one Jesus has brought us together and he becomes the centre of our lives. Mutually accepting weaknesses and strengths we are enriched through our differences.

Focussing on friendship

We want our communities to be warm, welcoming and open to all.

Following Jesus who invites us to love one another as he loves us, we want to open our hearts reaching beyond all barriers and boundaries in a love that seeks no return. Offering our friendship and welcoming the friendship of those around us will enable new bonds to grow between us reflecting the wealth of our differences in culture, religion, background and generation. Our life will find its nourishment and our gift enhanced though this network of human relations and friendships.

On the roads of Bethlehem and Nazareth

A life inspired by Charles de Foucauld

After his conversion Charles could live but for God alone. He was bowled over by the life of Jesus of Nazareth. He sought to follow him and to imitate this Jesus who had won his heart. He gave his life through his friendship with the nomads of the Sahara. He wanted to cry out the gospel not through words, but by the whole of his life and to become the universal little brother.

Made into a new way of life for us by Little sister Magdeleine

Discovering the life of Charles de Foucauld, Magdeleine felt called to follow Jesus in the footsteps of Brother Charles. She was filled by great confidence in god and a burning desire for unity. In 1939, she founded the Little Sisters of Jesus. She invites us to bring wherever we are and to take to the ends of the world, the message of the infant Jesus of Bethlehem, a sign of the tenderness of God, a ray of light and of hope in our world which is so in need.

From the Sahara to the whole world

A life which blossoms in the five continents

Born among the nomads of Algeria, our Community is now present in 60 countries. The diversity in the countries of origin of the Little sisters as well as the variety of places where we live gives the Community its international colour.

...and in Belgium

About 15 Little sisters live in Bruxelles, Antwerpen, Liège and Banneux. We live in five Communities to which are linked several Little sisters who live alone for various reasons. Through the places we live in we can be close to different realities of our country: multicultural neighbourhoods, women in difficulties, village life, homes for the elderly...

It is a life to be discovered and to go on deepening....