Little Sisters of Jesus in Croatia, Zagreb

For us Little sisters, the theme of Reconciliation is at the heart of our vocation. It becomes the focus of our prayer and friendship between ourselves, in the neighbourhood or at work. Seeking to become women of Communion, gives meaning to all we do.

Zagreb, at work on the new houseZagreb, at work on the new house

Two years ago our little house in the centre of Zagreb where we had lived for 30 years, was pulled down and our inner city neighbourhood replaced by a new City Centre and modern urban development.

Zagreb, with neighboursZagreb, with neighbours

After a lot of searching we managed to find a new house on the outskirts of town. So we are in a new neighbourhood and with new neighbours, who nearly all come from different regions of Croatia, from Bosnia, Herzegovinia and Kosovo. From the beginning it was easy to make friends and we visit one another spontaneously. We are happy to be there.

Zagreb, with friends,Zagreb, with friends,

For many years we have worked in various factories and also belong to two different groups of Faith and Light, a support group for friends and families of those with a mental or physical disability. Once a month we join up with a group of young people who visit young offender’s institutions. Praying and sharing together on the word of God we try to be a sign of compassion and hope in situations that are often very hard.

chapel Zagrebchapel Zagreb