Part of our History: Little Sisters of Jesus in Greenland. Nazareth in Nuuk,

View over our large village of NuukView over our large village of Nuuk

What is life like in Nuuk? For us, it is simply living out the fidelity to our daily Nazareths, in a minority people and in a poor Church community.

From Little sister Noele.

'I am here quite simply available for whatever may turn up! Sometimes I spend time with the neighbours or work as a volunteer at the Red Cross Centre. I enjoy taking part in the various activities for people of my age and I like to go and represent the Community at Services in the Lutheran Church.'

Noele at homeNoele at home It is time for a party!It is time for a party! Fun in the snow!Fun in the snow!

From Little sister Agnes Ghislaine

'Sometimes I feel a bit like a rare post, stuck deep into the ground, in the midst of a whirlwind of temporary nurses in the orthopedic department of the local hospital!

I am there to bring continuity: welcome to the personnel and a presence to the patients who come from all over Greenland.'

At the hospitalAt the hospital

We also provide continuity in the parish, each one with her gifts, giving support to our pastor when he is there and in his absence to our little international community.

The chapel at NuukThe chapel at Nuuk

May our Risen Lord like the Rising sun bring warmth and love to all!