Little Sisters of Jesus, Om, Denmark

Claire Helene and Denise founding membersClaire Helene and Denise founding members

50 years in Om

On the 8th September 2007 we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the community in Om and we remembered so many Little sisters who have contributed to the building up of our life here.

50 years of friendship, prayer and welcome 50 years of friendship, prayer and welcome
20 years of work on the farm20 years of work on the farm
 market gardening 20 years of ecological market gardening and of selling our vegetables in the market of a nearby town
w30 years doing cleaning and maintenance work in the local school often going by bike

Today we continue to look after the garden and keep chickens and we still work in a school for children who have serious social, relational and psychological problems. We also welcome Little sisters from all over Europe for rest and prayer.

The numerous friends who celebrated with us represented so much of what we lived during those years. Some remembered when we began the farm, others after being neighbours for 30 years consider us as part of their family and we consider them as our family too!

Each one felt concerned and helped us prepare, lending us tents, chairs and making cakes.

We were very touched that six priests from the area altered their usual Saturday program to come and celebrate with us. The Lutheran Pastor of the village brought flowers but could not stay as he was officiating at two weddings.

50 years of LIFE, the life of each day, condensed into this one day of celebration and friendship!