Little Sisters of Jesus in the Philippines share their 'stories'

All togetherAll together

We want to share with you something of our daily life. Here are some of our "stories":

Cecilia, Adel with neighbors in DilimanCecilia, Adel with neighbors in Diliman


Maria Huyen found a job in a factory that we would never have dreamed of! One day some friends gave us some "expired snacks": and that was how we discovered a food factory in the nearby area, within walking distance. There are 100 workers, plus those in the office. They work in teams. Maria Huyen works with 4 others in the dispensary. She has been working 6 days a week, 8 or more hours a day. Now the economic crisis is beginning to be felt and everybody is on part-time.

Gones and Cecilia Grace found some part time cleaning jobs to help with the budget and are available at home and with the neighbours..

Basic Ecclesial Communities are being developed in all the urban areas and our parish of St Peter is asking our support to bring them to life. We are the only religious community living among poorer people.

There has been an unending struggle to keep the little clinic/pharmacy in the neighbourhood open. The running costs increased and plans for a multipurpose building beside the chapel have failed because the land was not available. So we are now wondering what the next step will be. What does God want for us and for our neighbourhood?

Adel receives the cross of postulant in November 2009Adel receives the cross of postulant in November 2009


In Alchan the dominant note has been formation and welcoming. Joy too that Adel took her first step into the Community, receiving the cross as a postulant on the 6th november 2009.

Last year we did some urgent repairs in the house: roof, plumbing, painting.. It felt like when a family is preparing for a new birth! Many things have to be made ready to welcome the new baby! Agatha Tu was busy with carpentry work and painting, helping our neighbour June, a very good carpenter who did all the work as if it was his own house. When I look at him working, I often think of Joseph of Nazareth!

Binky left Diliman to start her theology studies in Alchan:

'I am grateful to be able to study. It is a time for discovering the truth of our faith. I find it quite challenging but it is also enjoyable as we discuss and share together. I hope that deeper faith will lead to deeper love and commitment in life.'

Meg with a neighbourMeg with a neighbourMarguerite Louise continues as a volunteer in the program for Restorative Justice, organized by Caritas, in the City Jail.

We have just finished the "Prison awareness week", with activities sponsored by volunteers from different Christian Churches and organizations, including Caritas Manila in which I'm participating.

As I look at the inmates, some innocent, others "criminals", I cannot but see the face of the suffering Jesus rejected by society. As our parish priest was telling them when celebrating Mass for them "There is so much goodness in each one of you still...let it come out! God is with you, loving you so much."

Br Bernard with Gonez and Marguerite LouiseBr Bernard with Gonez and Marguerite Louise