Little Sisters of Jesus in Turkey, friendship in an ecumenical context.

A mission of friendshipA mission of friendship


A visiting Little sister writes:

'Istanbul is a city of 15 million inhabitants of whom 99% are Muslim. It is full of life, art, history and colour. The country is 'lay' by its Constitution but on every corner there are Mosques and Minarets and five times a day, 'the call to prayer.' Christians are tiny minority: Greek and Armenian Orthodox, Chaldean and Latin Catholics from Africa, Europe, Korea and the Philippines as well as the Protestant Community. In short a mixture of races, languages and cultures! I will certainly never forget my visit!'

Community IstanbulCommunity Istanbul

Our friends today

Our community in Istanbul, has had as its focus, from its foundation, to build up links with all the Churches and with people of every faith.

Our chapelOur chapel

To pray for Unity and to work for Unity have given meaning to our presence here as part of a minority Church in this Muslim country and where the official Christian presence is Orthodox.

Special ties of friendship with the Orthodox Patriarchate have been part of everyday living.

With Armenian friendsWith Armenian friends

What we are called to live each day is a grace. In this vast country where so many of the Fathers of the Church witnessed to their faith and gave their life, the different Churches: Greek, Armenian, Latin Chaldean and Syrian, a tiny minority, remain faithful to this rich heritage. The remains of St John Chrystostom and Gregory of Naziense are venerated in the Church of the Patriarchate.

The Armenian parishThe Armenian parish