Liturgy for the Votive Mass for Blessed Brother Charles of Jesus, 1st December

Pope Benedict at Brother Charles' BeatificationPope Benedict at Brother Charles' Beatification

Sunday 13th November 2005 Beatification of Blessed Brother Charles of Jesus at St Peter’s Basilica Rome.

Monday 14th November 2005 Thanksgiving Mass at the Trappist Monastery of Tre Fontane.

The texts for the Liturgy at Tre Fontane were as follows. These texts were proposed by the postulator, Father Maurice Bouvier for the Votive Mass of Blessed Charles of the 1st December.  As soon as we receive definitive texts we will communicate them to you on this website.

Opening antiphon: Psalm 95. 3-4

Proclaim God’s salvation to the nations, God’s marvels to every people. Great is the Lord, worthy to be praised.


Tell of the salvation of God to all the nations and his marvels to all peoples. Great is the Lord and great is his glory.


God our Father, You have called Blessed Charles to live through your love in intimacy with your Son, Jesus of Nazareth. Grant that we may find in the Gospel the foundation of a more and more luminous Christian life and in the Eucharist, the source of universal kinship.Through Jesus Christ... [ our Brother and Lord…]


God our Father, You have called the Blessed Charles to live in your love, in the intimacy of your Son, Jesus of Nazareth

Grant that we may find in the Gospel, the foundation of a life that is Christian and shines out more and more and that in the Eucharist may be found the source of a fraternal universality. Through Jesus Christ…..


Gracious and Holy God, you called Blessed Charles to imitate your son, Jesus of Nazareth. Through his intercession we pray that, nourished by the Eucharist, we might grow each day in a Christian love for one another that knows no bounds. We pray in Jesus’ name. (Translation from USA)


First Reading: Wisdom 11. 23-12.2

Psalm: 39 (40). 2-4b, 7-8a, 8b-9 et 10

Gospel: John 15. 9-17 (from the Common of Pastors)

Prayer over the offerings:

See, all powerful Lord, the sacrifice that we offer on this feast of Blessed Charles. Grant that we may express in our life the mysteries of the Saviour's passion that we celebrate in these sacred rituals. Through Jesus Christ…...


Look with favour Lord on the sacrifice which we offer on the feast of Blessed Charles and grant that we may express in our lives the mysteries of the passion of our Saviour which we now celebrate in these sacred rites. Through Jesus Christ….

Communion Antiphon : John 15. 4-5

The Lord tells us: ‘Remain in me, as I in you. Whoever remains in me, with me in him, bears fruit in plenty.’


The Lord says this ‘Remain in me as I remain in you. The one who remains in me and I in them will bear much fruit.’

Prayer after Communion

You renew our strength at this holy table, almighty God. Grant that we may imitate Blessed Charles’ example

seeking to  serve you always with a faithful heart, and loving all people with a tireless love. Through Jesus Christ…...


Almighty God, you have renewed us at this holy table, grant that we may imitate the example of Blessed Charles in seeking to serve you with an ever faithful heart, loving all people with a constant charity. Through Jesus Christ…

Other proposed Readings

1st Reading:Wisdom 11.24 – 12.2

Ps 84

2nd Reading:Philippians 3.8-14

Gospel: Luke 14.1, 7-15