3. Love for the people of Islam

Beni Abbes with a neighbourBeni Abbes with a neighbour

Having spoken to you of the whole world, laid wide before you so that your love and your zeal may be without limit, we will then ask you to share the Fraternity's special consecration to the Moslems, your brothers and sisters of Islam. We will ask you this because of Brother Charles of Jesus. Though he wanted to be the 'Universal Little Brother' and to see fraternities spread all over the world, he chose to live among the people of Islam and he offered his life and death among them! Brother Charles of Jesus is your father and it is only right to share his consecration.

Perhaps you will not understand this immediately, for you may have felt called to give your life for another people whom you love particularly or maybe you are afraid that this will keep you from hearing the call of the world as a whole. There is no need to be afraid. This special consecration will not put a limit on the universal scope of your zeal. Jesus, the Saviour, is your example. His Heart loves infinitely and without exception every human being, people of every walk of life, every nation, every race.

On the day of your religious profession you will offer your life united with Jesus, for the sake of the people of Islam and of the whole world. You will renew your offering every day at Mass, but this will not keep you from loving faithfully the people who have become yours by adoption. Jesus died to save all the people of the world, yet he too chose a certain people and lived, suffered and died among them.

This special consecration will be expressed not only by the formula of the Little Sisters' religious profession, but also by the presence of one fourth of their communities among Moslem people.

'I offer my life for the Tuaregs.' (Brother Charles of Jesus, Diary note, May 17, 1914)
Brother Charles gave his life in the land of Islam, and you must understand that he wanted his disciples to have the same love. Algiers, working in a hospitalAlgiers, working in a hospitalYou must allow your faith and hope to grow, faith and love like that of the early Christian martyrs and apostles. Your love must be so strong that you will be able to give your life with joy united to the sacrifice of Christ on the altar, who died to redeem all peoples.

Your love must grow for these your brothers and sisters who still do not know Christ as saviour, just as it must grow for every person so that all may be united in Christ's plan for the world. And so by prayer and this daily offering of yourself you will be able to accomplish to the full your vocation.