'I would like to rid from our hearts for ever a taste for the extraordinary, if it is not the extraordinarily simple!'  Little sister Magdeleine, Chalons-sur-Saone, 11.30.1943

If this taste for the extraordinarily simple burns in your heart, then come to Hasenbergl in Munich and see! We are Community with deep roots having lived for more than thirty years in this very ordinary place. We have moved several times, but always in the same neighbourhood. And even if some of the sisters have changed, you will taste the stable and faithful friendship of our neighbours.

Our neighbours are among those for whom Jesus gave praise to the Father. Some were already marked by alcohol, drugs and other miseries when they were in the womb of their mother but despite such disadvantages, they often witness true wisdom in how they cope, without a mask and without fear, through the difficulties of life.

Life goes on very simply at our place, alongside those who are too heavily burdened with the consequences of our society.

For the time being, we are three: Elisabeth Karla works in a store, Ulrike Dorothea, who took her first vows in June 2009 , is in a big laundry with many co-workers from different countries; and Monika Barbara who has a cleaning job early in the morning and then is available for the Community and the neighbourhood.