7. This is my will and testament

1942 Little sister Magdeleine gives talks all over France1942 Little sister Magdeleine gives talks all over France

You may ask yourself why I have called this chapter my testament It is because everything I have written up until now is inspired entirely by Brother Charles of Jesus. It is his thought and soul in all their purity, and as such, his testament that I have passed on to you. It is not mine. What follows is mine. I alone am responsible. The glory belongs to God for whatever is good in what I have said, and for whatever is wrong only I am to blame.

I have put all my heart into this work, and I am passing it on to you just as it is, in a simple clumsy way, as a mother who wants to pass on message to her daughters.

I ask all those who may read these pages not to think that I am in the least way criticizing other forms of religious life, which for centuries have produced saints in the Church. This is just a different conception of religious life that is trying to answer the needs of our times. And that is why I am calling this my will and testament, submitting very humbly what may come of it to the authorities of the Church, of whom I wish to remain more than ever, a most loving and obedient daughter. Therefore I must ask all those who are drawn by the ideal of our community to follow after me, and to continue faithfully along this path.